Just focus on play, we deal with the rest

Our services


Minguella Football Management offers to the customer all the knowledge and skills of his professional team, with the unique idea of helping to exceed all player needs through his career.

Time has demonstrated us that football player’s must not have the need to worry for other matters out of the pitch. Covering and assisting those other facts, our player can grow and develop as a football professional, putting all hi energy in the field.

That’s the reason why in MFM you play and we work for you to be able to achieve together the highest performance and enjoy of a well planned career.


· We keep the highest level of communication at all time with football clubs worldwide searching for synergies for our players.

· The placement of our players in the appropriate league and team is a must for us.

· Management of national and international transfers.

· We are committed to negotiate always the best agreements for our customers.

· A follow-up of our players is done 24/7 during all year to help us to attend always any of our customer problems or needs.


· Keeping a good line of communication with our player and their family to make the best of every project is our cornerstone.

· We provide a personal assistant to help with the player’s adaptation and integration in a new city/club.

· We offer all possibilities to continue with school studies and university programs.

· Satisfying all professional and non-professional needs of our customers is a must for us.

· Coaching services are also available to benefit or player’s results and development.


· Contract agreement assessment

· Company labor, commercial and private rights assessment.

· Legal & tax advisement and planning.

. Trial resolutions.

· Investment opportunities can be offered to make your income more profitable.


·We are connected to top sport brands in order to achieve the best sponsorship agreements for our players.

· We also search for other non-related sport brands in the market to add more profit to our customer.

· We also consider advertisements/collaborations with other companies that can be profitable for the player’s image.


· Personal Branding. We create a personal Brand for each player, identified with his personality to attract follower loyalty.

· We create the player’s official website.

· Social Media. Being online is a must nowadays and we look to have our player as closest as possible to the crowd.

· We offer press media services to assess our customer with media relations and agenda.

· Media training can be also done to improve overall communication with media.